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The concept of the GLASHAUS design uses the structural properties of glass to replace metal. This eliminates the need for heavy aluminium metal profiles which restrict visibility and are unsightly. Glashaus LTD has worked closely with award winning glass designers Malishev Engineers. ME have been responsible for numerous stunning glass designs throughout the world.
The idea of a ‘’standard’’ structural glass conservatory has been on our minds since 2005 when we designed our first few all glass ‘’houses’’. Although they looked wonderful, each of them was bespoke, meaning that their design and construction was unique every time.

‘’We wanted to simplify this process. However dinging the right design and more importantly the right partners to make it a reality was a little challenging. With our German partners, Glashaus, we now have all the ingredients we need to make it a reality. We are very excited about this product.’’ – Gennady Malishev Vasilchenko

Here is why we think our GLASHAUS is far ahead from our competition.


Pre – Engineering

The Design of the GLASHAUS is such that although it is pre-engineered, it can still be customized to suit a unique location. The principle involves a set of glass and steel building blocks which can be added and changed as required to suit the local conditions, this is called Parametric Engineering.
Pre-Engineering means that the GLASHAUS can be engineered and produced quickly and seamlessly so that the client is able to generate his/her own design using our GLASHAUS generator functionality. In addition, we have included pre-engineered options which can further personalize the GLASHAUS.

Modular – Expandable

The Design is modular, which means it is made from a kit of parts which can be extended to change dimensions. The individual parts are customizable in size so that you can design your own GLASHAUS extension with the minimum effort.
If necessary, the GLASHAUS is post-extendable. After time, if an extension is necessary, we need only to input the order number and we can order extra parts for an extension.

non-stick coating

Optional Extras

We offer a wide range of exciting optional extras to make each design unique. The GLASHAUS generator is equipped to process these optional extras so that all necessary technical information is passed directly to the order processing stage.

Fast Installation – Kit of Parts

Due to pre-engineering, we are able to reduce installation time as the GLASHAUS comes in a kit of parts which can be quickly assembled. Assembly time for a GLASHAUS is 3-4 days. Here is some more detailed information about the parts and pieces of the GLASHAUS.



Steel Spine Frame

The central frame element works as the ‘’Spine’’ of the GLASHAUS and is made of High Strength Carbon Steel Grade S355. Steel, as a material, has over 2x the stiffness and 3x the breaking strength of aluminium, which is commonly used in conventional conservatory design.
Using steel, results in a superior slender engineered appearance that is still extremely robust. Steel also has 4 times better thermal properties than aluminium, which helps in balancing energy. All exposed GLASHAUS steel elements are fully zinc galvanized for corrosion protection. After the zinc galvanic protection, all visible parts are powder coated to give an attractive finish.
We offer 4 standard colours, and also custom colour options. Refer to our GL Colour on the options page for our additional range.


We are passionate glass specialists. The glass used in the GLASHAUS is our signature product and is designed to be strong, efficient, and robust.
It’s an insulated glass unit (IGU) with a tempered safety glass exterior, and a laminated safety glass interior. The laminated glass interior provides additional protection against burglar risk and is extremely difficult to break through. The laminate also helps to improve acoustic absorption, which will protect from external noise pollution.

IGU Spacer

A glass spacer is used to separate the inner and outer glass layer and is made from stainless steel which has thermal properties superior to those of any conventional aluminium spacer bar. As the glass-to-glass joints are exposed, it means that the strength and thermal properties of the edges are of great importance. Apart from its thermal advantages, the stainless steel spacer is also stronger and tougher for withstanding the external wind and snow loads applied to the glass.
The stainless steel spacer is painted black as standard to match the colour of the surrounding sealant material, but can also be coloured.
Look at our GL Edge option for alternative colours.

Glass Mitre Corner

All junctions between glass and glass are completely frameless. This approach results in a flush transparent appearance. The glass corner joining the side wall to the front wall is a key visual design element and has been prepared as a mitred cut to provide a unique appearance not available as standard on any similar system. The mitre is applied using Computer controlled CNC water jet cutting technology, which is able to cut the glass to perfect accuracy.


Thermal Performance

GLASHAUS provides the highest possible thermal insulation property Ug value of 1.1 W/m²K, which is very. This is the highest performance available for this application and is crucial feature to have in house extensions. The glass is filled with an inert gas to increase the thermal performance of the unit.
New to be launched in 2018 is our Triple glazed design which can reach a Ug value of 0.6 W/m²K.

Solar Performance – Precious Metal Coatings

In order to limit solar heat gain inside, the glass is treated with micro thin layers of precious metal which are applied using a technique called sputtering. The result of this coating is that the high energy non-visible light which forms part of sunlight, is reflected and does not enter into the GLASHAUS. The glass coating for the GLASHAUS is a ‘’70/40’’ coating which provides a neutral transparency and allows 70% of light through the glass, but only 40% of the solar energy to enter.

Doors and Hardware

The door has been specially designed for GLASHAUS and is the part which experiences the most wear and tear. Therefore, our designers were faced with the challenge that the door needs to have the same slender appearance but also needs to be strong and function with seals around all four corners. The material used is structural steel, which matches the colour and texture of the steel spine frame. The door profiles are thermally broken, which further improves their insulation properties. Our double leaf door is provided with a maximum 1.8 m wide opening. Handles are in brushed stainless steel as standard and are provided with a Euro Cylinder lock.

door frame

Integrated Mechanical Draft Exclusion

We have integrated a mechanical draft exclusion function at the base of the door (threshold) to avoid the use of brushed or rubber floor seals which wear away with use. This seal function rises up when the door is opened and sinks down when the door closes, which allows for a smooth threshold to the outside but draft control when the door is closed.