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We believe our GLASHAUS has a great design. We offer a number of optional extras to make your GLASHAUS really unique. Each of these options can be used on the whole range of GLASHAUS designs and can be ordered separately. Look at the configurator for pricing to see which combination of options is the best for you.

GL-Edge – Insulated Glass – Edge Colouration

With the GLASHAUS all edges of the glass are visible. The colour of the edges are as standard black, which is the colour of the sealant. GLASHAUS provide as standard a high performance stainless steel spacer bar which reduces thermal heat loss through the glass edge.
GLASHAUS offers a coloured edge whereby the edge is treated with a permanent baked on screen print. The spacer bar is also coloured. The edge colouring can be ordered as an additional feature in Grey or White. This effect, in combination with our range of GL-Colour, as seen below, adds a signature to your GLASHAUS extension and makes it unique.

GL-Super Clear – Low Iron – Super Clear Glass

This is a superior vision glass which has a low iron content. The iron in the glass vies conventional glass a slightly green colour. Recent developments in glass manufacture have enabled glass to be made with a reduced level of iron and therefore much improved visibility and clarity. This type of glass is ideal for sunrooms. We offer the option of upgrading the glass quality to Super Clear for both wall and roof elements.

GL-Clean – Non Stick Coating

We have teamed up with Clear Shield the most renowned supplier of non-stick coatings for glass to provide an improved self-cleaning coating. This coating will be applied after installation and will provide years of protection against dirt and grime. The coating can be applied internally or externally, and GLASHAUS offers a re-coating service which can be installed upon request. The coating has an expected life time of 3-5 years. The service will be undertaken by our certified application teams. The non-stick coating can be applied to both the outside (GL-CLEAN OUTSIDE) and inside (GL-CLEAN INSIDE) of the glass panels.
Notice: GL-CLEAN INSIDE cannot be combined with GL-DÉCOR.

Glashaus extension non-stick coating

GL-LUX – Integrated Lighting

GLASHAUS offers integrated lighting for the roof elements. We have developed two lighting systems which are integrated into the GLASHAUS Design: (1) GL-LUX S – LED high powered spotlights coated in black. (The LED spots are the most compact spotlights available on the market). Light output is up to 51 lux at 3m per spot. Each spotlight is easily adjustable to all angles with a thumbscrew. Lights are dimmable. (2) GL-LUX SL – LED powered linear lighting. LED is fully programmable with dimmable function as well as ‘warm-cold’ ambient lighting for different room usage. Light output max. 1300 lumen per meter. 120 LED cells per meter.
(Currently the highest available spec on the market for this set up). Further technical details for the lighting are available on request.

GL-NATURAL – Natural Wood Cladding

For those looking for a natural wood look, GLASHAUS offers timber covered option. The timber used is Grade A European Oak and it is FSC rated. The wooden covering will be applied to the Main Beam Elements as well as to the floor skirting and is treated with a matt finish which can be easily cleaned.

GL-DECOR – Decorative Printed Film

Depending on the use of the GLASHAUS, we offer optional printing for the walls of the GLASHAUS. This is particularly useful for a Home Office Application where the lower section of the glass walls needs to be printed to cover unsightly cables and dead space. Another use can be to provide graphic printing, signage etc. The Screen printing is applied to removable clear foil which is applied in place. The foil is durable and can be cleaned.
Notice: GL-DECOR cannot be combined with GL-CLEAN INSIDE.

GL-COLOUR – Special Colours

We offer four standard colours but the range can also add a custom colour upon request. All parts are Polyester Powder Coated. Beside is a typical example of a rust coloured powder coating which adds texture to the surface. Colours are available in all RAL and also in textured colours.

GL-SHADE – Screen Printing to the Roof

The roof panels can be printed with a white dot matrix pattern which can provide additional sun shading for locations of high solar exposure. The screen printing is applied to the exterior of the glass during manufacture of the panels and will increase the solar shading characteristic by 30%. The screen printing needs to be extremely durable and is baked on enamel which is extremely resistant to weather.

GL-GUARD – Security Laminate

All GLASHAUS glass panels are made with the inner layer of Insulated glass as safety laminated glass. We offer an enhanced safety feature which is a lonoplast interlayer to the glass. This interlayer has enhanced strength characteristics of up to 5x tear strength and 100x rigidity. The result is that the glass is significantly more resistant to impact and ingression from the outside. It can be considered as an additional invisible armor plating against impact.

Glashaus extension GL-GUARD