Glashaus LTD

Affordable Engineered Glass Systems

We are a Limited company selling customized extensions made out of steel and glass. Our steel parts are welded by hand by experienced certified steel fabricators and we use high performance glass made with the best modern equipment.
We have developed a new concept for a glass conservatory which is called the ‘’GLASHAUS’’. It’s unique because it uses structural glass principles that eliminate the need for unsightly metal framing. As the design has been automated, we are able to create many sizes and options without the need for extensive engineering. We will design a conservatory to meet your unique needs, and you can enjoy our outstanding quality at an affordable price.

Take a look at this video and the detailed description on our GLASHAUS page, which we are sure will inspire you. Browse through the many options available, and finally, generate your own design using our unique GLASHAUS Configurator. The Configurator will provide you with an instant quotation for the house extension you desire. We hope that you are able to arrive at a design that excites you and we look forward to working with you.


We will commence fabrication in October 2017. We are offering pre-sale promotional offers to customer who order early.

If you wish to customize your own conservatory please click on one of the pre-configured designs below, or click on the button to move to the next page.

Glashaus house extensions
Glashaus house extensions
Glashaus house extensions