Glashaus LTD


Glashaus Ltd.Is a registered Limited Company with its head office in Croydon, Surrey, England. Our Design offices are located in Ochsenfurt, Germany as well as in Bath, England. Our vision is to provide unique designs using structural glass and steel for the building industry and, in particular, for residential use in home extensions.
The UK Sales and Design office is located in Bath c/o Malishev Engineers.


If you have any ideas or questions you might want to ask, please contact us through our contact form below.

Our key personel

Henry Hundevad - Director Glashaus Ltd.

Henry is a graduate of Wurzburg Technical College and is the owner of Glashaus Ltd. Henry is responsible for Sales and Operations at Glashaus. Henrys’ interest is in parametric product design and international business.

Henry Wurzburg Technical College
Henry Hundevad
Sales and Operations

Gennady Vasilchenko - Structural Glass Design

Owner of Malishev EngineersMalishev Engineers

Gennady is a prize winning structural engineer who founded Malishev Engineers in 2004. Gennady specializes in the field of steel and glass and is also a lecturer at Bath University. His Engineering Studio is located in Bath, England. Gennady has been a key contributor in the development of the Glashaus design.

Gennady Vasilchenko Malishev Engineers
Gennady Vasilchenko
Structural Design and Engineering

Albane Hundevad - Interior Designer

Alfi is a student of Interior Architecture at the University of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern. Alfi is our consultant for all matters relating to design including, finishes, color, lighting , scale and form. Alfi also advises on décor and furnishings.

Albane Hundevad University of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern
Albane Hundevad
Design Associate